Turning intangible assets into tangible results.

Investors and M&A gain confidence

Your Company Valuation increases by 20%

50% of M&A doesn’t succeed due to poor integration of expertise[McKinsey] and an acquisition's knowledge process was shown to be a key derisking factor[CIO].

Showcasing a 'well-curated knowledge base' would "significantly improve" deal chances for 90% of VC analysts, with 60% of VCs expecting the valuation to increase by at least 20%[Survey].

Superstar employees power on uninterrupted

$30,000 gained back for every high-value employee

Superstar employees waste 30% to 60% of working hours on reactive firefighting and repetitive answering[McKinsey]. Our survey found it to be 40% of their time![Survey]

This isn't just lost productivity. It stunts their personal development! A self-tracking knowledge base eliminating 80% of these activities returns $30,000 back to the company, and frees their time to level up!.

Sales close quicker and more often

20% more high-value sales deals get closed

50% of late-stage sales don't close because of slow response times and a poorly run RFP process. In fact, 35-50% of sales go to the fastest RFP-responding vendor!

Empowering self-service rapidly increases sales numbers. Speeding the RFP process by 20% is predicted to increase sales figures by 20!.

Teams suffer less when employees leave

The impact of a team leavers drops by 70%

The long-term effect on a team when an employee leaves is 40% to 67% of the leaver's annual salary [Deloitte]! Thats a permenant loss of $20,000 per employee! 80% agree.[Survey]

The majority of this loss is useful knowledge that wasn't known to be useful at the time. Regularly capturing this 'tacit knowledge' has been shown to cushion the impact by 70%!

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