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Growing responsibility.

Knowledge Drive's Mission

To eliminate all unnecessary fire-fighting at work, repeated question-answering, manual documentation, and repeated mistakes from the work life of millions of employees.

Our Story

Our story began in 2021 when our founder, Ali and early adopters were fed up with how knowledge was managed at work today.

The demands of work in fast-growing companies had slowed the personal development and strategic work of their best employees. They had enough!

Knowledge Drive was started in London, United Kingdom to unshackle great employees worldwide, and unleash the potential of their companies.

Our Team

Knowledge Drive is built on a network of over 30 professionals across the over 20 fields of expertise.

We work remotely and globally, from having:

  • our Contact Marketing Manager in Budapest
  • our Artificial Intelligence Engineers in Brisbane
  • our Graphic Designers in Shanghai
  • our Email Marketing Manager in Oregon
  • and so much more...

This unique model helps us make sure that:

Knowledge Drive is built by the experts in their fields, no matter where they are in the world.

Knowledge Drive is incredibly scalable; we add workload faster than any traditional company can hire extra personnel.

Knowledge Drive is much cheaper (and better 🤯) than every other tool; we don't pass bloated costs to our customers..

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Our Values

Integrity: Keeping Quality High

We respect and honor the value of your time, trust and resources.

Scalability: Growing with You

We adapt while maintaining peak performance as we evolve.

Innovation: Forging Ahead, Together

We're driven to do everything we can to unshackle the superstars of work today.

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